Tofufu 3D Pop-Up Business Card

We wanted to invite people who receive our business cards to learn more about Tofufu through a playful and hand-on experience. That's why we designed our own pop-up business cards to make it fun and interactive.

Simply fold the card alone the lines, our business card can be quickly turned into a miniature toy shelf and micro-portfolio to symbolize what we do -- we create fun illustration / characters and have fun with toys / sculptures.  By featuring characters from Tofufu projects on the folded shelf, people can also associate the business card with Tofufu’s brand image right away.

Design Concept

After launching, we knew it was time to think about the design for our business card. Since Tofufu is an online art and toy studio, we wanted a playful and inviting business card that people can be amused, feel excited upon acceptance, and keep on their desktops instead of forever sleeping in the business card organizers, never to see the daylight again.

Most business cards are often filed away and forgotten because there is no strong connection or association between the brands and the business cards for people to recognize and remember. To solve this recognition problem creatively and cost-effectively, with tons of fun added, we decided to design the ‘reaction & experience’ we want people to have when/after they receive the Tofufu business card as our first approach.

Despite how tech-savvy people are with social networks these days, business cards are still an important way for people to introducing themselves and staying connected. We spent a couple days analyzing the relationship between people and the business cards they receive, while brainstormed ideas for ours at the same time.

We knew that a strong impression is essential to business cards, and it’s not that difficult to impress people upon first sight. However, how does one grab and retain people’s attention so they will further associate one’s business card with one’s brand? Or how to motivate people to keep your card – and even show it around for you? This time we wanted to get rid of the old-fashioned way and try something different.

We designed a playful pop-up business card that can be folded and converted into a miniature toy shelf, featuring three Tofufu-exclusive toy characters. Therefore, our business card becomes our micro portfolio too! : )

We believe that business cards can become great interactive elements as long as they are designed for the right purpose – to enhance the connection between the brand and the cards, not just design a pop-up business card that pops up.

Therefore, for our business card, we created a playful and hand-on experience that people learn what we do in Tofufu by turning our business card into a miniature toy shelf and micro-portfolio. It is very simple to do so: just follow the lines and gently fold the card step by step.

Also, by showing three of the most identifiable Tofufu toy projects on the folded shelf, people can also associate the business card graphics to Tofufu’s brand image right away. Thus we not only enhance the connection between the business cards and our brand, we also bring back some fun childhood memories for our customers!

And that’s exactly what we do in our art and toy studio every day,

“Tofufu, not only for the kids in you!”

“Tofufu = Toys + Fun + Fun!”