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Happy Mini Hello Card Set of 9


Size: 3.0” x 2.0” Printed in selected special high-quality art paper stock.

Happy Mini Hello Card Set is a perfect way for saying a quick HELLO or THANK YOU to your colleagues, friends, family or loved ones without saying TOO MUCH ; )

Send a 'Hello' or 'Bonjour' to friends far and near! Reply with a 'Thank You' to someone who just gave you a gift. Send a 'Tea?' to invite your secret gangs over. Put a 'Smile' card to cheer someone up! Use a 'Good Luck' for someone who's about to have final exams or your traveling loved one. Send a 'Good Day' or 'Yippee' just because it's cute and wonderful.

Or you can write your short message on our blank card. It's great for both distant friends and even family or roommates under the same roof. It's always nice to have a set of our Happy Mini Hello Cards handy as your everyday cards!

Ooh, it’s perfect for gift tags / gift notes or party favor place cards too.

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