Spider-Man Villains Bottle Cap Series

2" Prototypes for Pepsi Japan

These Spider-Man villains were bottle cap prototypes sculpted for Pepsi Japan.  Each character is about 2 inch (5 cm) tall or less.

There are two different waves of prototypes here including Rhino, Black Cat, Venom, Kraven the Hunter, Kingpin, Lizard, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Mysterio, Spider-Man / Peter Parker and of course Spider-Man.

About This Project

We were asked to design and sculpt a series of Spiderman & Villains bottle caps for Pepsi Japan right around the time the 1st Sam Raimi Spiderman flim came out.  We’ve always been such huge fans of spidie, so it was a real honor to be asked.

At first we were only asked to do three Spiderman sculpts, for which we did a Spiderman squatting on a rooftop, a standing Spiderman, and a Spiderman mini bust.  They were impressed with the details on the mini bust (a ‘bust’ allows for more details than a full figure at 2” tall (5cm) , thus it was much more detailed than the other two spidies), that they commissioned for us to work on more bust of spidie villains… of our own choice.

All the characters we selected and designed / sculpted in our own style were classic Marvel Spiderman villains that we felt would serve as a great wave1 (and 2) figures. We grew up with them, and it was awesome to see that we can imbue more life into them with our Tofufu designs and creations.  We wanted a variety of familiar super villain characters for Spidie to fight with for the Pepsi bottle cap series. 

Naturally, our first pick was Doc Oct as he was one of our childhood favorite.  As soon as he was done, we hopped on Green Goblin… a no brainer!  We then went for Venom, another one of our favorite baddies, simply a MUST-DO.  Rhino and Killer Croc soon came after as we definitely need some beasty villains for Spidie to take on, plus they’re a load of fun to sculpt.  

Back to human characters, we took on Black Cat, King Pin and Kraven the Hunter, each with their own unique features and various degrees of difficulty to sclupt.  Oh and Mystrio, his dome head was definitely fun to do!  We also selected Electro and Carnage as back-up characters, tho these two never came to fruition.

Since we were giving total control of the rein, when we were designing the style for the mini figurines, we just kind of went for “THIS IS HOW WE THINK IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE” approach and went with it. Of course we didn’t want to deviate too far from the original source that they become unrecognizable, so we keep the classic look in mind and went from there.

The Making of

We had chosen to use two different types of Sculpey for this project to utilize the most out of the material. With its small size at 2” tall, it was quite difficult to sculpt so minute… yet it was very fulfilling once we pulled it off. We LOVE how Black Cat came out (her delicate and feminine face had proven to be more difficult to sculpt than the beasty dudes!), and the textures on Rhino and Kraven the Hunter were pretty fun to work on as well.

We got too carried away talking about the villains, that we totally forgot to mention that we were asked to add a half-Peter Parker-half-Spidie the day before we were to meet up with our client in Tokyo, Japan.  Since it was an ultra late last minute request, we had to stay in our hotel the night before to sculpt the half-Spidie.  What a waste of nightlife in Tokyo after hours right!?  Well, all that hard work went up in smoke the very next morning, literally!  So we stayed up and finished our new half-Spidie in time.  Since it was newly sculpted, we had to bake it upon delivery at the client’s office.

A lesson we soon learned… if you’re not familiar with the equipment (nor were our client at the office), do a test first!

So while we wait for the half-Spidie (and a new Spidie) to bake and harden in the oven, our client marveled over the rest of the baddies and chatted with us.  Before we know it, smoke pour into the room from the adjacent oven… We jumped and rushed to the oven and saw to our horror, both Peter Parker and the new Spiderman were bubbling up and melting!  Needless to say, we wasted another night sculpting away new Spidies, but at least Peter Parker ver.2 and Spidie ver.3 came out much better than the first versions in the end. So all was well.

Having jut come off working on Godzilla sculpts, we were simply ecstatic that we get to work on such iconic American characters. The miniture scale was a first for us, which allowed us to see how far we could go with sculpting minute details. It would be great fun to experiment on 3D printing next time. Should be quite challenging and exciting!

These above are wave1 figures.

These above are wave1 figures.

A Short History about Bottle Caps

The waves of bottle cap figure from various pop cultural phenomenon were promotion campaigns ran by Pepsi Japan between 1998 and 2005. They are sculpted PVC figures attached on top of Pepsi's 500ml PET bottle cola. The bottle cap figures are always limited edition and one of the most poplular Pepsi collectibles.