Hello!  We're Wayne and Mai, the capriciously cosmic duo behind Tofufu Studio. 

Tofufu is a creative husband-and-wife sweat shop that places a lot of fun (and ourselves) into everything we do. Based in SF Bay Area, we are always filled with illustrative wall art, paper goods & housewares for all ages - cute enough for kids but definitely something to which people young at heart can relate (and might find irresistible), by imbuing our art with elements of childhood nostalgia while keeping an emphasis on design and quality in every work we do. 

When we are not together crafting artwork, we collect toys!  We really enjoy what we do and hope our art sparkle your heart : )

Stories behind Tofufu

We are a creative husband-and-wife sweat shop that places a lot of fun (and ourselves) into everything we do. Our style is playful, with some whimsy plus a pinch of sophistication, and a whole lot of fun. We are your piping hot hotcakes that you wouldn't see anywhere else!  We've been drawing and writing our own little illustrated stories since we were a wee lad and lassie. Having kept a good record over the years, we can see the evolution of how we’ve viewed the world as children, then youths, then adults throughout the years. 

As the mastermind and maker-slave behind Tofufu, Wayne is very laidback; he often carries his bulging sketchbook around while enjoying the various minute details and fleeting, ephemeral moments in our mundane life. Meanwhile, Mai can only relax when she's constantly churning out the ideas that perpetually runabout behind her lovely forehead...and squeeze as much creative productivity out of her fair noggin as possible everyday. 

Though we have different drawing styles and distinct personalities, we share something sacred in common: it is our woven dream to create imaginative, playful and whimsical work that'd makes BOTH of us happy and satisfied. In each piece of Tofufu, there is a bit of Wayne and some of Mai. We are fortunate that Tofufu is a constant in our life. Now, as persons who have sort-of grown up, we've acquired the requisite technical skills needed to fully render our childhood imagination and dreams into fun-filled forms, creations which we're then able to share and make the world smile!

Both Mai and Wayne loved to draw and make things at an early age. When little Mai was not running around collecting leaves and twigs to make various 'imaginative herbal main courses,' nor following beetles around everywhere (Wayne has a lizard-chasing story where he cut his chin!), she would sit down quietly and draw bunnies over and over again (whereas Wayne would draw Tokusatsu figures and make up his own comics). Mai's parents let her sign up for whichever art classes she wanted to take: drawing, calligraphy, clay making, etc. Little Wayne just sort of dabbled in this and that, and had lots of fun throughout the years with various mediums.

When we grew up and stepped into the "academic achievement is everything" world (remember, we have Asian parents!), we no longer had time for fun, and instead we spent time doing never-ending homework and papers and exams. Somehow, Mai forgot (but Wayne didn’t) about her love of drawing and making stuff until her early 20's when she met Wayne, who rekindled her passion for art and design. Wayne encouraged and showed her how fun drawing can be, so Mai's irresistible desire to create gradually grew back, and we have been creating artwork together as a team ever since. 

We love to create original, whimsical and playful work with stories full of vivid adventures, and often refer back to our childhood drawings and stories to regain inspiration through the viewpoints of children. We also talk to kids around us to acquire fresh, updated views from the children of today. Our work has a unique look and imaginative feel due to our signature use of imagination and strong influence from science fiction. Like starving sponges (can we say that?), we soak up the pop culture all around us and strive to produce something different and fun, something to which people young at heart can relate and might find irresistible, by imbuing our art with elements of childhood nostalgia while keeping an emphasis on design and quality. 

Meet W + M

Mai on Wayne :

He piles his toys everywhere as if he’s marking territories with them. Most of the time I can’t tell the toys he’d made / painted from the ones he collects. Nowadays he seems to be creating stuff mostly with his hands instead of with computer like how he used to. That’s odd. Not to mention now he’s always playing with dirt, oh I mean clay or sculpy; I’m not sure what he does really, but it’s fun having him around.
— Mai

Wayne on Mai :

I have yet to find an effective method to pry her off her conjoined twin of a Macbook Pro with which she’s always tweaking some pixels about, and get her into the sun without her getting all puffer fish-like. She multitasks like crazy so it’s nearly impossible for me to figure out what she’s doing at any given time. But she’s fast and she gets things done, so she must be good or something. Something.
— Wayne